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Grape is a fruit of the flowering plant botanically called “Genus Vitis”. Botanically, its a berry and is also known as “Vitis Vinifera”. It’s sweet in taste and is a part of flower on the plant. It grows in bunches with more than 50 berries per bunch with each berry being round or oval in shape depending on the variety. These are used for table consumption as well as for making products like Juices, Jams, Wines, Oil, Jellies, Raisins, Vinegar etc. and are available in different colors viz, Green, Black, Red, Purple etc. We at Naveen Vegetable Company provide you with the best quality fresh harvested grapes delivered at your doorstep with the customization you require. Just fill the form at the right side and get the best quote!!

Physical Attributes

  • Color: Green (Also called White), Black, Red
  • Varieties: Thompson, Sonaka, Sharad, Flames
  • Shape: Round (Thompson, Sharad, Flames), Long Oval (Sonaka)
  • Brix/ Caliber: 15% and above
  • Size/count: 15mm to 18mm
  • Packing: 4.5 kg, 5 kg, 8.2 kg
  • Material: Cartons with pouches/Punnett
  • Taste: Sweet


Grapes are used for various purposes like raw eating for taste and good health, for preparations of cuisines like custards, ice-cream desserts. These are used by wine producers and distilleries and is also used in Raisins, Jelly, Oils etc.

Who can use

  • Household, Restaurants & Kitchens.
  • Catering companies for desserts.
  • Super Markets, Hypermarkets for reselling.
  • Importers, Wholesalers and retailers and others.
  • Wine producers and distilleries, Ice-cream makers.

Shipping Information

  • Container: 40 Ft HC Reefer (20 Ft reefer is rarely available).
  • Temperature: 1 Degree Celsius.
  • Humidity: 90-95 % RH is ideal.
  • Quantity: 12 – 17 MT per 40 ft. container (as per packing).
  • Season: January to April

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Grapes, botanically “Vitis Vinifera” is a berry of the flowering plant called “Genus Vitis”. It’s sweet in taste and is round or oval in shape with its production mainly happen in bunches of 50 or more berries per bunch. Used for table consumption and for processing as well for making Wine, Ice-creams, Oils and ready to eat food products. These are produced in different colors like green (also called white), black, red, purple orange etc.

Grapes are produced in warm areas and are best suited for hot and dry climate and that makes Indian climate Ideal for its production. India is a major producer and exporter of grapes with key varieties being Thompson seedless, Sonaka seedless and Sharad seedless. Some regions produces other varieties also like Flames that are red in colour and have a good shelf-life. With state-of-the art facilities like farmers’ registration with Global gap, standard operating procedures for production for farmers, pack houses facilities with cold storages and pre-cooling rooms, India is able to provide grapes to its consumers worldwide.

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