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From aromatic spices to pulpy fruits, the list is almost endless and we have a lot to share.

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Fresh Indian Onions with size graded lying open in markets ready for export.

Fresh Red Onions

Indulge in the slices of Indian Onions.

Hybrid garlic Indian

Fresh Garlic

Can’t resist the pungency of Indian Garlic.

Indian long grain Basmati rice raw on a wooden spoon.

Indian Basmati Rice

Feel the aroma of long grain Basmati-Rice


Allium Homage: A Lighthearted Blackout Poem #Onions #Garlic #BlackoutPoetry #Poem

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com I dedicate tonight’s Blackout Poem to my mother-in-law, Bonnie, who is the queen of garlic. She cuts up and eats raw garlic with nearly every dinner, including (BRACE YOURSELF!) pancakes. I still remember my initiation into the Stitt family upon first meeting my wife’s older brothers. You like garlic?…

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