Guide to store onions at home

No matter how you prepare a dish, the mere addition of onions can take the taste of your delicacy up a notch with its amazing flavor, aroma and taste. In fact, any special delicacy is incomplete without onions, and this is what makes it the most widely used ingredient, when it comes to cooking.The strong flavor often makes it difficult to store onions with other veggies.

However, not many of us know the right way of storing onions, and then we wonder why all vegetables rot so quickly, when we store them with onions. Interestingly, most of us are not even aware of storing the onions in the right way as the gases released by this vegetable can spoil the taste and aroma of other veggies stored with it. So, we thought of sharing some easy ways to store onions and retain their freshness. Here are a few easy ways to store onions.

 Keep them dry

Yes, the first rule to store onions is to keep them in a clean, dry place. Especially, when you want to store it for a long period of time. Moreover, storing onions in a dry place with good ventilation is the key to retain their freshness and increase their shelf life.

Store them in a basket

Storing onions in a basket is a much better way of storing them as compared to putting them in a plastic bag and refrigerating. This further spoils the freshness as the presence of moisture spoils the quality of onions and ruins the quality of other vegetables. In case, you don’t want to store in a basket, then you can also go for a mesh bag, net bag or bamboo container.

Pickled onions

Another way of storing onions at home is by preparing a pickle, just soak them in vinegar in a glass or ceramic jar along with some salt and spices. This makes for a nice onion pickle, which will not only make your meals interesting, but at the same time it will increase the shelf life of the vegetable. This happens to be one of the best ways to preserve shallots.

Do not refrigerate

Yes, you read it right, when it comes to storing whole onions and unpeeled onions, putting them in a refrigerator can be a bad idea as they are exposed to humidity, gases and moisture, which makes them rot easily. Rather it is advised to store them in a dry environment to retain their freshness.

Refrigerate peeled, dried or cut onions

Now, the same rule doesn’t apply to peeled, diced or chopped onions to retain their freshness, it is necessary to store them in an airtight container or a resealable bag to retain their shelf life.

Store cooked onions

Yes, you must have admired the taste of those crunchy fried onions topped over your favorite biryani and delicacies, but have you ever wondered, why they fry onions? Firstly, it makes the dish super delicious and secondly cooking onions can help you increase their shelf life and can be used anytime and anywhere. No wonder cooking is the most affordable way of storing onions, but just make sure there’s no water added as moisture can spoil the goodness of onions.

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